Bringing you a new kind of care for the elderly.

We provide affordable, easily accessible and regular physician home visits to the elderly.

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Premium Care

We designed Gerocare to provide premium health care for those that have sown greater care for us.


Highly Affordable

You don’t need to be a high earner for Gerocare services, because we are more concerned about the value of care we provide.


Wide Coverage

We have a nation-wide coverage of urban and sub-urban areas. Just let us know where your loved ones are and we’ll take care of them.


Payment Flexibility

Pay in Naira or US Dollars using our Mobile App, Website, Bank Deposit, Transfers, USSD, Paypal, Cheque Deposits, etc. Payment shouldn’t be difficult.


Home Medication Delivery

Based on your request, prescriptions can be delivered at your door-step or administered to the patient at home.


Home Sample Collections

For comprehensive care or special patients, sample collections, Laboratory investigations and Tests can be done without leaving the comfort of your home.



Oh yes! you get reports for every visit, you receive the prescriptions, you see the test results, you’ll always know using our Website or Mobile App.


Anywhere Access

Subscribe from anywhere in the world and your love will be shown by regular health care visits locally and you’ll have peace when the reports come to you.