GeroCare provides an avenue for doctors who would like to be their own boss or who just want to make an extra income with an affordable avenue to do so.

It is common knowledge that the doctors take home pay can no longer take them home and most times they have too much month left at the end their salary. The only alternative available at the moment to break out this rat race is to become self-employed. However in the health care industry becoming self-employed is cash intensive. As such most doctors cannot afford it at the moment.

GeroCare provides you a platform using just your mobile phone to conveniently run your own medical services business and we still provide you with a ready pool of patients. As a GeroCare doctor we connect you with elderly patients within your vicinity to provide them with home visits.

You can have your own private practice with Gerocare without owning a hospital from anywhere in Nigeria and at your convenience.

Interested to be a Gerocare Doctor?

You can have your own private practice with Gerocare, work from anywhere at your free time. Send us a mail of interest to


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