We wish to introduce you to Jay-Jay Odimega and Njideka Sanya, our Medical Services Team Leads. They are responsible for ensuring the medical team delivers high-quality health care with excellence in clinical effectiveness and patient experience.

We are sure they will be very resourceful in your interactions and bring the best to the organisation.

Feel free to reach out to them via email at j.odimega@gerocare.org and n.sanya@gerocare.org

Jay-Jay is a General Practitioner. He graduated from Crimea State Medical University, Simferopol, Russia.
Jay-Jay has extensive experience in clinical practice and healthcare management and administration. He is very passionate about concierge and cloud-based medical service.





Njideka obtained her first degree from the University of Lagos and her experience spans across clinical medicine, healthcare quality and more recently, public health.
She is currently studying for a Masters’ degree in Public Health at the University of Edinburgh on a Commonwealth scholarship. Njideka is a member of the Society for Quality in Healthcare in Nigeria and is driven by a desire to improve access to healthcare in the country