Elderly Care

Each year we experience hundreds of unnecessary deaths and incapacitation of our dearly beloved, the elderly from conditions that would have been easily prevented if they were closely monitored by a medical doctor.

This usually begs the question…

Where are their children?

Where are their loved ones?

Where are their relatives at least?

How could they have let this happen?

However on closer scrutiny we realize that we are their children, we are their loved ones and we are the ones that somehow seem to have let this happen while going about trying to earn a living and neglecting this special group of people without realizing it.

In addition to this many of our parents usually do not want to be a burden to us and as such manage their situations as best they can which eventually leads to partial or total breakdown in their health.

We therefore provide an affordable and easily accessible way to monitor and manage their health by ensuring regular home visits by a doctor on a monthly subscription basis.

How does it Work?


Register on the Gerocare website, filling the registration form and correctly selecting your area of residence (The actual address where the elderly needs care).


Subscribe using any of the approved payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card on Website.
  • Bank Deposit/Transfer.
  • Cheque Deposit.
  • Paypal/Paypal Subscription (USD only).
  • USSD mobile short codes.

This fee covers:

  1. First Consultation
  2. Access to the GeroCare platform
  3. Monthly Report
  4. Medical Records/History Archive
  5. Regular Health Tips and Information
  6. Access to Partnership Services

Your Doctor

A doctor will be assigned for your first visit and will run all base medical tests to understand your current state of health.
(* Tests/Examinations/Drugs can be provide at an extra costs.)

Subcription Activation

Begin receiving monthly home visits by your Doctor.

Subscription Completed!

Interested in your care or caring for a loved one?

We are waiting to provide the care they need…