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Frequently Asked Questions

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From Registration Processes, Payments and Doctor's Home Visits to other services and everything you need to know

Hello and welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions, we have the ready answers for you too. Please select any of the question you would have asked and you will see the answer instantly in the box below it

How do I Register
Subscribers go to our website or download our app. They create an account for themselves, add the details of the elderly person they would like GeroCare to manage and make payment.
Immediately after payment, the elderly person is matched to a doctor who lives close to him and begins to provide regular updates to the sponsor (family member responsible for the care) via their GeroCare mobile application
Does the client still need to be registered in a Hospital?
Yes. This is so because in the event the client needs observation or for any reason they would need to be registered to a hospital of the client’s choice or one recommended by GeroCare.
What Happens in case of emergency?
As the essence of the GeroCare service is preventive care aimed at ensuring close monitoring and evaluation the chances of an emergency situation occurring is very low. However all clients are advised to subscribe for our ambulances services which cover immediate evacuation of client from their home and transfer to their registered hospital.
Do clients get to have access to their doctors in between visits?
Yes. Your gerocare doctor is your private primary physician so you have access to him/her via telephone calls or whatsapp messages.
How do you ensure quality of service?
In determining a doctor is a fit for a patient, after the doctor’s first visit, the elderly patient is contacted by GeroCare client services to determine how they found the doctor. If for whatever reason they are not comfortable with the doctor, that doctor would not be assigned to that patient. The doctor is also aware of this as such he has to be at his best behaviour to ensure he is able to retain that patient. Subsequently these calls after visits continue and the patients are encouraged to let us know if they are even remotely uncomfortable with the doctor and any of his actions. We fully understand that the elderly may be reluctant to report cases so we ask questions like is there any area you feel your doctor can improve on rather than asking what did you not like about the doctor or his actions. We also try as much as possible to match female doctors with female patients and male doctors with male patients. Doctors are not allowed to collect cash from patients or have access to their accounts; ATM Cards etc. or run any errands that may require money exchanging hands.
Can i pay using my debit card?
Yes and you can also choose to set your card as the default method of payment so payments are automatic.
Does the subscription payment cover drugs prescribed by the doctor or test needed to be carried out by the patient?
No. The subscription does not cover drugs prescribed or tests needed as the cost cannot be predetermined. The client has the option of purchasing the drugs or carrying out the tests themselves or allowing us purchase the drugs and carry out the tests on their behalf with an attendant delivery charge of 10% of the cost of the drugs or tests.
Do I still need to pay the doctor when he visits?
The visits are covered by the monthly subscription payments as such no extra payment is needed
Why are monthly visits for elderly important?
They help to prevent deterioration in the health of the elderly by detecting health conditions early and managing them, preventing unnecessary deaths and incapacitation from conditions like stroke, heart attack, diabetic complications etc.
How often will the doctor visit?
The number of visits per month is determined after the initial assessment which is done on registration. It involves the doctor’s first visit where the patient is reviewed to determine their current state of health. Based on the finding the number of visits needed monthly would be determined.
What happens on doctor's visit?
Doctor arrives at the patient’s house and checks in on his app & sponsor is notified of his presence in the house. At the end of the visit doctor checks out and sponsor is notified and provided with a summary of their elderly loved ones current state of health and recommendations. Depending on the recommendation sponsor makes payment on his app and either drugs are delivered to the elderly patient at home or home collection of samples for tests or both are carried.
When does the doctor visit?
During the first initial assessment visit, the doctor and the client would decide the date and time of their monthly visits.
How many visits do I get in a month?
You can book for as many visits as needed especially for people with conditions that need frequent monitoring by a doctor. However, we try to maintain an average of 1 visit monthly.
How do I know these doctors are professional?
All doctors on our platform are qualified medical doctors, post NYSC and registered with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. Their documentation is verified by confirming they are registered with the medical and dental council of Nigeria. We also have an added layer of quality assurance by assigning these doctors to a Family medicine Consultant who reviews their work online at least once a month to ensure they are doing the right things and making suggestions on areas of improvement if need be. These consultants can be anywhere as long as they have the consultant GeroCare application on their mobile devices through which they review the reports of doctors assigned to them.
What happens if my doctor is not available?
In the case of transfer or relocation of a doctor from one region to another or even just a vacation, patients are assigned to another doctor either permanently or in the interim. This is made possible because of the nature of our electronic records by which once a doctor is assigned to a patient. The doctor has that patient’s entire history and does not miss a beat in terms of what has been done so far and other relevant parts of the patient’s history.
What does subscription-based service mean?
Payment of a fixed amount monthly to cover the service for that month. Subscription can be quarterly, bi-annually or annually.
What does my subscription contract cover?
GeroCare is obliged to provide at least one doctor visit per month to the parents or elderly loved ones of our subscribers on payment of at least three month’s subscription. This provides access to -
  • - Multiple GeroCare beneficiary account under single sponsor account
  • - Visit reports
  • - Online medical records
  • - Access to GeroCare partner services
  • - Real time health care tracking
  • - Real time health expenses tracking
  • - GeroCare mobile application
Monthly Home Consultation and Review – Equivalent to what is provided in traditional hospital visits
  • - General Consultation
  • - Physical Examination – General Examination, Examination of the Central Nervous System, Examination of the Cardiovascular System, Examination of the Abdomen and Genito-urinary examination. (Including check of vital signs including Blood pressure)
  • - Request for Laboratory Investigations (If necessary)
  • - Prescription (if necessary)
  • - Health Education and Counselling
  • - Nutrition advice
  • - Referrals to Hospital (if need be)
Optional Services – Based on patient preference at an added cost
  • - Procurement and home delivery of medication
  • - Home sample collection for tests
  • - Provision of Care Giver services
What is On-Demand Visit?
Visit treated as urgent and patient seen on the day payment is made. Fee – N25,000
What is Teleconsultation?
Consultation via voice call or video call at a cost of N2, 500 per Voice Call or N3, 500 per Video Call.