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Customer’s Stories

We asked our customer what it was like to enjoy the services of Gerocare and a few of them tell us their experiences. A wow experience!

“We started using Gerocare to manage our elderly mom's medical needs with some initial hesitation, but were soon impressed by the exceptional support, care, and professionalism displayed. Gerocare went above and beyond to provide top-notch care. Our mom's doctor instilled confidence and peace of mind through his responsiveness and attentiveness. All other stakeholders also exceeded our expectations. My mom even compared her experience at the medical center to being in London! The nursing assistant's positive attitude put our minds at ease. I highly recommend Gerocare to anyone with elderly parents in Nigeria needing medical support. You won't be disappointed—thank you, Gerocare, and keep up the great work!”

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Margaret OjoLagos

“I nearly lost my dad to a heart failure because of a wrong prescription from the hospital he was admitted in. Thankfully your team came in at the right time and reviewed his treatment and prescribed a better approach. Your guys are the real MVP. Thank you!”

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Uka EjeLagos

“Thank u Gerocare for building a platform so wonderful as this to be able to care for our aged parents and love ones. I had a beautiful experience the first time a doctor from Gerocare came to visit with my parents especially my Dad, I felt proud been able to care for my parents at home, My dad was so happy his son sent a doctor over to the house to check on his health status. It was really a beautiful experience for them, and I do hope I keep caring for them continuously with the help of Gerocare, thank u Gerocare.”

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Tega SamuelLagos

“I enrolled my Dad in Gerocare's services in 2020 and have been impressed by the ease of subscription, payment, and communication with their staff. My family is delighted with the service quality, respect, and dignity shown to my Dad, along with prompt reports and extra services like at-home investigations. Since joining Gerocare, we've noticed a positive difference in his healthcare. The organization offers flexible services, reasonable pricing, and truly listens to our needs. I'm proud that such a service exists in Nigeria and will recommend it to my elderly relatives and friends' parents. It's refreshing to work with an organization that values my personal and cultural beliefs, and I look forward to contributing as part of the fantastic Gerocare team.”

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Tolulope JejeLagos

“I never thought my mom would face numerous health challenges. She was always so full of energy and vigor, but as they say, nothing in life is constant. Signing my mom up for Gerocare has been one of the best decisions I've made for her. Gerocare has provided me with peace of mind over the last year by taking care of her needs, from organizing a 24-hour live-in trained caregiver to arranging her routine blood tests and sending a doctor to visit her regularly, and even upon request. I highly recommend Gerocare to those of us living abroad with aging parents in Nigeria. This service is very affordable and offers excellent value. You can rest assured knowing that your parent(s) is/are well taken care of. Give them a try, and you'll thank me.”

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Folasade OfiLagos

“I began using Gerocare for my mom in June 2020 after my dad's passing in 2019, when we urgently needed top medical care without the hassle of hospital visits. I discovered Gerocare on Instagram and signed up, even though their website wasn't fully functional. The MD kindly registered my mom via WhatsApp chat, and their admin was always available for assistance. They prioritized patient care over money, providing services before receiving payment. In February 2021, they significantly upgraded their platform, allowing access to test results, doctor reports, and more through email notifications and text messages. Now, with two elderly individuals signed up, I can attest to the excellent experience and continuous improvements. I highly recommend Gerocare for home care medical services at your fingertips.”

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Jennifer AigbogunLagos

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