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Speak with a Doctor at your convenience

Avoid the long distance to hospitals, high consultation cost, long waiting period and hassles of appointment booking.

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Subscription Plans

We also offer flexible subscription plans at affordable rates

Voice Calls

Book a voice call with a doctor. Medical Report inclusive.

2500/Per Call
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Video Calls

Book a video call with a doctor. Medical Report inclusive.

3500/Per Call
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Get Started in simple Steps

Step 1
Register Elderly

Create account and add details of your elderly loved one.

Step 2
Make Payment

Payment are in one click, and its easy to make.

Step 3
Doctor Matched

A Doctor is matched to your Elderly loved one within 24 hrs.

Step 4
Doctor Visits

Doctor Visits the patient at home for a health checkup, and a notification is sent to sponsor.

Step 5
Get Medical Report

After the checkup, Sponsor is sent a health report and recommendation for the patient.

Step 6
Take Action

You can get recommended drugs/lab tests yourself, or let Gerocare handle it.

Committed to making access to health care convenient for the elderly.

No matter where you are in Nigeria, you can book a consultation call with a certified medical doctor from the comfort of your home.

Our teleconsultation service makes it easy for anyone to consult with a doctor at their convenience and also get a medical report afterwards.

  • Circled checked mark iconInstant access to doctor consultation.
  • Circled checked mark iconLower consultation fees.
  • Circled checked mark iconMedical reports
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