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Gerocare is a subscription based service for the elderly that entitles them to have a doctor come and see them at home at least once a month.

Payment of a fixed amount monthly to cover the service for that month.

They help to prevent deterioration in the health of the elderly by detecting health conditions early and managing them, preventing unnecessary deaths and incapacitation from conditions like stroke, heart attack, diabetic complications etc

The number of visits per month is determined after the initial assessment which is done on registration. It involves the doctor’s first visit where the patient is reviewed  to determine their current state of health. Based on the finding the number of visits needed monthly would be determined.

The visits are covered by the monthly subscription payments as such no extra payment is needed

No the subscription does not cover drugs prescribed or tests needed as the cost cannot be predetermined. The client has the option of purchasing the drugs or carrying out the tests themselves or allowing us purchase the drugs and carry out the tests on their behalf with an attendant delivery charge of 10% of the cost of the drugs or tests.

During the first initial assessment visit, the doctor and the client would decide the date and time of their monthly visits.

Yes. This is so because in the event the client needs observation or  for any reason they would need to be registered to a hospital of the client’s choice or one recommended by GeroCare.

As the essence of the GeroCare service is preventive care aimed at ensuring close monitoring and evaluation the chances of an emergency situation occurring is very low. However all clients are advised to subscribe for our ambulances services which cover immediate evacuation of client from their home and transfer to their registered hospital.

Yes. Your gerocare doctor is you private primary physician so you have access to him/her via telephone calls or whatsapp messages.

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